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Katrina B_Author School

Everything I prayed for and more!

I made more progress on my book just a few weeks into Author School than I did in 7 years. This school has been the best thing that I’ve ever invested in!

Katrina Buening

Author School Alumni


Havilah's Author School is a mentorship program to help you write a book in 4 months.

In this online mentorship program, you'll be guided by best-selling author Havilah Cunnington as she takes you through each step of her proven method for overcoming the obstacles that get in the way and writing the book you've always wanted to write.

Author School Results

I believe you have something to say and if you have a book on your heart, you should look into this program to get your message out into the world.

Kristel Ward
Author School Alumni

"This program has reignited creativity in me that I lost many years ago. " "Many years ago, God planted a seed in my heart to become a writer. This program has given me back that dream."

Morgan Williams
Author School Alumni

If you're considering the Author School, you should definitely give it a shot. You have no idea who you're going to benefit by getting your stuff out there.

Grace Chase
Author School Alumni

I had so much doubt and fear and insecurity about writing a book and since going through this school I have gained confidence and practical tools on how to write a book.

Jenessa Wait
Author School Alumni

I went into this class not knowing what my voice was and not having much confidence because I didn't have a background in writing. Now, I have my own voice, confidence, and a great community of people around me.

Christina Vensel
Author School Alumni

This is not just a course on how to crank out a book. It's how to transform your life and have a book be the fruit of that.

Brion Burkett
Author School Alumni

We've been given more valuable tools than I can say here. Every one of us has a book aching to get out. I highly recommend this course to anyone!

Victoria Dunne
Author School Alumni

I learned that just because God places a dream in your heart, it doesn't mean that you're going to do it. You have to take action and this school has helped me do just that.

Lauren Vander Linden
Author School Alumni

I have a journalism degree and I've been published many times but I've never been able to actually get this book written. The community and accountability have made this so great for me.

Kayla Gahagan
Author School Alumni

It was like hiring a physical trainer to help me write my book! The part that has helped me the most is the small groups. Joining Havilah's Author will be THE reason you finally get your book written!

Tiffany Coryell
Author School Alumni

They have taken something so daunting and broken it up into little bite-sized pieces so that I believe anyone can do it.

Mark Hillard
Author School Alumni

This has been a game-changer for me. I really needed encouragement and someone to hold my hand. Havilah's Author School definitely does that.

Tanya Rodriguez
Author School Alumni

About Havilah

Havilah is a published and self published author of 10 books, a sought-after communicator, top-rated podcaster and has been in full-time ministry for 25 years.

With little more than a high school education, she’s been able to grow her voice and skills through hard work, lots of failure as well as smashing success.

Havilah, A self-confessed non writer would not deny writing a book is harder than having a baby.

She attributes the secrets to her writing success to 3 key ingredients: public accountability, creating a powerful team (AKA a hype-girl, a coach and even a therapist) and having a step-by-step strategy that allows her to write in real time, in her real life.

Havilah and her husband Ben live in Redding, California, with their four young sons: Judah, Hudson, Grayson, Beckham and their golden-doodle; Barkley.

Tamie Southerland

Absolutely GOLD!

I've written a book before but I spent a lot of money I didn't need to. It took me 3 years to write my first book. This Author School has taught me how to be an author for the long haul.

Tammie Southerland
Author School Alumni

Syprina Quiroz

I've been waiting 10 years to tell my story

It's for anyone. It's for moms. It's for dads. It's for people that don't have a platform. It's for inspiring artists. I recommend this family to anybody.

Syprina Quiroz
Author School Alumni

This incredible team has crafted an absolutely BRILLIANT framework. Havilah's Author School is my secret weapon. It could be yours too!

Nannette Foster
Author School Alumni


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